Friday, June 22, 2012

Warning: Football fans, you will be very jealous after reading this...

Week Three in Kiev Ukraine:

I am now an official fan of football.
This week, I happened to stumble across a EUROCUP TICKET!
Well, its a bit more complicated.
My boss's friend's cat got sick => she couldn't go ==> was selling ticket ==> my boss told the office ==> I pounced on it.

On tuesday, June 20th I saw Sweden (the Swedes..they're everywhere!) play France at the Kiev Stadium. It.was.AWESOME. Inside, I felt like like loved football all my life, like...that I lived for football. It was great seeing the players warm up and being able to see the entire match in detail was amazing.

In case you did not watch yourself, Sweden won 2-0 but France still goes on to the quarter finals. Why? They had enough points from earlier games whereas Sweden lost their first game...yada yada blah blah (the point system is confusing, its calculus based or something).
Ukraine was playing England at the same time in another city..they lost. England advances.

Here are some pictures from the game!

The Stadium! 
Don't bother me, I'm watching the game. 
See the Swedish? How could you possibly miss all the people in yellow jerseys. And this was just on our side of the stadium...
View of the field from my seat! 

This week at DRC was a busy one for me. With my training and orientation complete, my workload increased. One of my main tasks was to edit and reformat DRC's first quarter report and informational fact sheet for newly arrive refugee and asylum seeking children. It was translated from Russian to English and often enough there are grammer mistakes and awkward sentence structuring. The informational fact sheet is given to children upon their arrival to Ukraine explaining to them, where they are, what their rights are and the next steps in their refugee/asylum application process. This fact sheet has been translated into 4-5 languages- my job was to make ensure that the language used in the English version would make sense to a 12-15 year old. 
My other tasks included creating online brochures inviting peace corp volunteers to teach english/incorporate our youth into their integration programs. 

I also began teaching english this week at an UNHCR integration center. This center is located across the Dnieper River. I had 5 students my first day and more to come later on. Two teenage girls, ages 16 and 18, one 38 year old woman and her two sons ages 8 and 7. Their english knowledge varied. The teen girls spoke very well and were eager to talk to me about their love for Backstreet Boys (I used to love them too..but in 1998) and Selena Gomez whereas the 38 year old woman, Karima was still learning basics like "how are you-im fine, thanks!" 
It was my first time teaching english, or anything technical for that matter but I loved it and I am excited to continue. 

Today is Friday and the office is closing early :) 
I have a fun week ahead of me- this weekend I am exploring a beautiful caves monastery and hydropark and next week I take my first business trip. 

Stay tuned, Poka!


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